Aqua Mobile Phone Price in mauritius

Aqua Mobile is one of the mobile brands in mauritius. Aqua K40 New is the lowest priced mobile phone that is available at only ₨ 342. Aqua Millennia Octa510 is the highest priced mobile phone available in ₨ 2,713. if you searching for Aqua Mobile phone Prices in mauritius. you come in right place.

Aqua is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in the mauritius market. If you're looking for a new Aqua phone, here's a list of all the latest models with their prices and specifications. Aqua mobile phone prices vary depending on the model, storage capacity, and features.

Top 10 Aqua Mobile list in mauritius

Aqua Mobile Phones (Dec 2023) Price
Aqua Fusion ₨ 519
Aqua Fusion Star ₨ 466
Aqua Glamour ₨ 616
Aqua J1 ₨ 371
Aqua J3 ₨ 342
Aqua Jazz S1 ₨ 2,713
Aqua J5 ₨ 414
Aqua Mist ₨ 766
Aqua Mobile 3G 512 ₨ 879
Aqua Mobile Neo ₨ 412
Aqua Neo Plus ₨ 353
Aqua Neo Pro ₨ 471

Aqua FAQs

Aqua K40 New cheapest and best Aqua phone in mauritius.
top 5 Aqua smartphones that you can buy as per your budget. Aqua Fusion,Aqua Fusion Star,Aqua Glamour,Aqua J1,Aqua J3,.
Aqua smartphones start at ₨342 to ₨2,713 in mauritius.
The most expensive Aqua mobile phone is Aqua Millennia Octa510 which is available in mauritius for ₨2,713.