I-Plus Mobile Phone Price in mauritius

I-Plus Mobile is one of the mobile brands in mauritius. I-Plus K12 New is the lowest priced mobile phone that is available at only ₨ 271. I-Plus A1 Aura is the highest priced mobile phone available in ₨ 471. if you searching for I-Plus Mobile phone Prices in mauritius. you come in right place.

I-Plus is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in the mauritius market. If you're looking for a new I-Plus phone, here's a list of all the latest models with their prices and specifications. I-Plus mobile phone prices vary depending on the model, storage capacity, and features.

Top 10 I-Plus Mobile list in mauritius

I-Plus Mobile Phones (Dec 2023) Price
I-Plus i1 ₨ 384
I-Plus I2 ₨ 384
I-Plus i3 ₨ 471
I-Plus I4 ₨ 271
I-Plus I5 ₨ 389
I-Plus i7 ₨ 271

I-Plus FAQs

I-Plus K12 New cheapest and best I-Plus phone in mauritius.
top 5 I-Plus smartphones that you can buy as per your budget. I-Plus i1,I-Plus I2,I-Plus i3,I-Plus I4,I-Plus I5,.
I-Plus smartphones start at ₨271 to ₨471 in mauritius.
The most expensive I-Plus mobile phone is I-Plus A1 Aura which is available in mauritius for ₨471.